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"El Primo" 
Model TCD - 1

 44 Gallon Capacity Chip Warmer with Thermostatic Temperature Control

Rugged, stainless steel construction with high density insulation means years of trouble free service. The convection style controlled heating system maintains constant temperatures by moving heated air throughout the interior.

The entire front door assembly swings open for easy cleaning. Simply unsnap the latches, remove the perforated interior bottom panel and wipe down the interior surfaces.  Daily cleaning ensures fresh chips every day!

Note: The pictured model is shown with the optional upgraded .250" thick anodized aluminum loading doors.  A must for chain operators! (You can find the aluminum doors in the replacement parts store on our site here).

If mobility is a must, this cabinet can be mounted on our portable stand (see Model TSS for size)


  • 44-Gallon Storage Capacity

  • Top Lexan Loading Doors Standard (Aluminum doors optional).

  • Door Activated Micro Switch

  • Stainless Steel Construction, Inside And Out

  • Thermostatic Temperature Control

  • Convection Style Heating Moves Heated Air Thru Out Interior

  • Entire Front Door Assembly Opens For Easy Cleaning

  • Special Interior Baffle Directs Flow Of Chips From Rear To Front

  • 4" Legs Are Standard

Dimensions: 29" W X 28" D X 32-1/2" Tall (Add 4" For Adjustable Legs)

Electrical: 120 Volts, 13.6 Amps, 8' Cord And Plug 

Weight: 195 lbs crated

Looking to purchase online?

Purchase online through some of our e-commerce dealers. A quick and easy way to order your machine RIGHT NOW! (technology is pretty neat)

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