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Common Queries and Questions

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  • What do Texican Tostada Dispensers /warmer drawers do? +

    Texican Tostada Dispensers are heated cabinets for the storing, heating and serving of corn or flour tortilla chips. The cabinets provide a sanitary means of maintaining tortillas a consistent temperature throughout a restaurant’s serving hours. The warmer drawers can be used for all kinds of foods that require heat, mounted Read More
  • Are Texican Tostada Dispensers available in more than one size or capacity? +

    Yes, there are two basic sizes and capacities. The model TCD-1 and TCD-1PT are the largest with a capacity of 44 gallons of chips, equal to 9-10 warmer drawer equivalents and available either as a counter top unit or free standing on a portable stand. The model CD-45 is about Read More
  • How do I determine which size is best suited for my needs? +

    Everyone’s needs are somewhat different due to the seating capacity, available space for the dispenser, meal turns and personnel.The CD-45 is well suited for installation in a back bar for lounge service, patios, party rooms, taquerias and restaurants of 100 seats or less. Larger seating capacity would require more frequent Read More
  • We currently use bun warmer drawers and have an unacceptable rate of chip breakage. Can these tostada dispensers reduce breakage? +

    Texican Tostada Dispensers do two things extremely well: 1) Because the cabinets are fully insulated and use a continuous convection style air flow, the temperature inside the cabinets is very stable so all the chips stay at the same temperature until served. The opening and closing or bun warmer drawers Read More
  • How do the dispensers/drawers heat? +

    The heating system consists of electric heating elements which are controlled by a thermostat and in some cases, equipped with high temperature limit switches. A constant speed blower wheel and electric motor continuously circulate heated air so all areas of the cabinet interior and chips are maintained at preset temperatures. Read More
  • How do you load and serve chips? +

    Each Tostada Dispenser is equipped with a set of loading doors at the top (either in Lexan or anodized aluminum) and a stainless steel access door on the lower front. The loading doors are hinged to open the entire interior so chips can be loaded from a variety of storage Read More
  • What is the best serving temperature? +

    The thermostat is set at 160-165 degrees F when shipped. This temperature is ideal for keeping the chips dry and crispy. Freshly fried chips can be loaded directly into the cabinet and in a few minutes, they are dry and ready to go. You can adjust the temperature to best Read More
  • Are the dispensers easy to clean? +

    All equipment needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. The basic design of the dispensers was developed with a very simple method of cleaning. The loading doors are installed with slip hinges and can easily be removed and washed. The entire front assembly is secured with spring loaded latches Read More
  • Are special electrical outlets or connections required? +

    All equipment items are designed for standard 120v/60 service. Just plug into any 20 ampere outlet. Each equipment item is equipped with an 8’-0” cord and grounded plug. Read More
  • Electrical costs are a major concern to any restaurant. Is this equipment expensive to operate? +

    The TCD-1 uses less that 50% of the power needed for a 3-drawer warmer because the enclosed storage area and high density insulation maintain constant temperatures, reducing the heating requirements. By keeping the heat inside the cabinet, the dispensers do not add to service/kitchen area heat, reducing air conditioning needs. Read More
  • How much maintenance work is required? +

    Outside of the daily cleaning of the cabinet interior, the only other maintenance required is a semi-annual oiling of the motor. There are two oil holes on the top of the motor, one in front and one in back. A drop of oil (3 in 1 or similar light weight Read More
  • If I have to replace a part or call for service, are special service agencies required? +

    Parts, such as on-off switches, can be purchased directly from the factory. The on-off switches are specially designed for our products and can not be purchased locally. All other electrical parts can be purchased from the factory, or in some cases locally. Most service agencies can determine what problem you Read More
  • Are instructions for operations and maintenance procedures provided? +

    All equipment comes with a full set of operating instructions, problem trouble shooting, warranty limitations and a listing of parts. To ensure proper operating procedures, it is best to read the operational instructions prior to starting use. Read More
  • Can a restaurateur purchase a Texican product directly from the factory? +

    Texican Specialty Products does not sell equipment directly to end users. All sales requests are directed to local or national equipment and food services companies. It is always prudent to get quotations from two or more dealers to get the best price. National food and supply companies such as Edward Read More
  • What is the standard equipment warranty? +

    You can check the warranty section for details, but simply put, parts and workmanship are warranted for one year and labor for 90 days after installation. Read More
  • Why should I purchase a Texican product? +

    Texican products are superior to any other equipment items available. Texican products have been available since 1989 and to the best of our knowledge, every item we have manufactured is still in use somewhere. These products are very durable and will provide operators with years of uninterrupted service. Just ask Read More
  • Can I get a stand for the tostada dispensers? +

    Only the TCD-1 Tostada Dispenser series has an optional portable stand which bolts directly to the cabinet. The stand is specifically designed for the TCD-1 as it makes the cabinet and stand one piece. It is not recommended that dispensers be placed loose on tables or stands.The CD-45 tostada dispenser Read More
  • Does the equipment come with any options or substitutes? +

    Tostada Dispensers are equipped with Lexan (clear high density polycarbonate) .22” thick loading doors. These doors are generally fine for single restaurants, but in high volume or chain operations, these doors could be broken in time. When installed in high volume or for chain operations, it is highly recommended that Read More
  • What causes the GFI breaker to trip? +

    If any moisture is left in the cabinet overnight & not allowed to dry out, the elements will absorb that water & cause a trip on your GFI. To resolve this issue, plug your machine in a non-GFI outlet. If the unit starts up with no issue, then continue to Read More
  • Where do I find the Model Number? +

    The model number is found on the manufacturer sticker that is located on the back of your chip warmer.  (See image.) Read More
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